December 14, 2011

Update on the Heroines Tourney

Hey all, last night's match finished up the match between Aura from the Shade series vs. Kaylee from Soul Screamers and the other one Tessa from Clockwork Angel vs. Luce from the Fallen series. Aura was nearly there with Kaylee but Kaylee pulled triumphant, advancing Kaylee and her legion up in the tournament. Tessa won against Luce in a staggering blow of (I believe) 2k to Luce's much smaller number. Congratulate @fiktshun, @AverysBookNook, @BrookeWorm33 and @moiraethefates for some schnazzy repping and underdogging! Now to the prizes! I have a hardcover of Shift by Jeri Smith Ready,* My Soul to Save and Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent! Remember, follow the blog and vote in any/all Heroine Tourney matches.I'll keep this giveaway open until next friday.Put ├Łour name in the comments if you want to be entered to win the books.Two different people could win but I'm still finding books to add as prizes. And lastly, check out merchandise (link on twitter, just look at the right side of my blog) I am making for the tourney, proceeds go to human society (from Christine Johnson's blog) and the Poe society house. *so about the rachel vincent books, a friend gave them to me (but they're *quite* worn so I apologize!

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  1. Was so bummed Aura didn't win! Can't wait for the next rounds. :D


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