Blogger Policy

Howdy there. If you're on this page it's because maybe you (the publisher, subscriber, random person who like checking out the pages on this blog) it's because you want to send me a book. Or just curiously looking at this page. That's okay too. So the review policy at Wondeful Bookshelf of Jaz is simple: You can send me a book and I promise to read it as soon as possible ( I take notes on a separate page) in exchange for an honest & thorough opinion. I won't use review because, well I'm a blogger for fun and because book reviewer sounds like a stuffy title to have.

For ebooks, sorry guys! No dice. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I can't (no Kindle) but that may change, so fingers crossed.

I accept hardcover, paperback, and PDF format. And graphic novels too.

I won't put my address on here for obvious reasons (internet stalkers!!!!) so send me an email at and I will reply to you ASAP. I like things done ASAP but am lousy at posting reviews on the dot.

Genres that I prefer: (I mainly read YA)

  • Paranormal
  • Science fiction
  • Dystopian/utopian
  • Contemporary 
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Mystery

I don't accept:

  • really really adult novels (take the Succubus Blue series; it's good but too graphic for me)
  • anything to do with religion (teenage blogger here!)
That'll be all. So remember, if you wanna send me a book; email at and we'll talk!