December 14, 2011

Tournaments, Prizes and Twitter Chats, Oh My!

Hey guys! Jazmin here. Did you guys know there's the YA heroines tourney going on over the YA Sisterhood Blog! Anyways, the authors of these heroines are holding fun contests, character guest posts on blogger *ahem* Fiktshun's blog where Tod from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series was intervied! And then, not to forget Jeri Smith-Ready has some fabulous prizes for you! And then, the amazing Juli is giving away some stuff too! In spirit of the christmas (and competitive)season, I will be giving away the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready and some of the Soul Screamers books. Sounds good, no? Well, I'm also going to be putting books in as the tournament progresses!

But in order to win the prizes, you have to vote in the Heroines Tourney and follow this blog. No promo on twitter (but if you want it's totally cool!) or anything
else, just these two things.

As well as this, I'm doing some extra promotionl stuff (making shirts for the tourney), keep in mind I still have to add more stuff! If enough people buy the shirts, I will donate some of the extra dinero to the Poe House where Jeri got inspiration and the Humane Society (more info her.)

EDITED: oh gosh guys! so apparently my mom donated Shade to the library and only Shift is here! But I will still give you books (just now it'll be a surprise!)

Now, vote, vote vote!!!


  1. Have voted for Aura (and forced husband to vote from his phone/computer as well). And have been tweeting this thing all day long! She just...has to win!

  2. That sounds too good to be true. I haven't had a chance to read the Shade series yet but it is on my TBR pile. The polls are getting really close.

  3. I voted for Aura, too... I hope she makes it through to the next round!

  4. aww yeah guys! Vote, vote, vote for Aura and @Ephrielle, I only have Shift :(. I'll see if I can bargain back Shade!


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