About Me

Jazmin Labrada is a hyper person and likes to talk in third person. She lives in Los Angeles, California where it deserves to be stripped of 'it's always sunny' motto as well as drinking coffee. Any kind, she will drink anything... as long as it has coffee in it. She enjoys: (in no particular order)
1) listening to music (where it's always loud because louder is better/and has a very eclectic tast)

2) cooking (and maybe accidentally burning stuff down)

3) writing (where people almost always die and explosions are almost always in there)

4) reading an unholy amount of books

5) indulging in too much television (Vampire Diaries/NCIS/Nikita/Nine Lives of Chloe King/PLL/Criminal Minds/Warehouse 13/Eureka/Sanctuary/Teen Wolf/White Collar/Covert Affairs/Supernatural/BtVs/Angel :)

6) AND cooking like mad

She'd like to think when she turns sixteen,she'll have a published novel and maybe that's possible (She's 14, it's TOTALLY POSSIBLE) as well as be seriously skilled that she becomes cool and popular (HAHA, I kid. I'm the voice in her head that likes to make everyone miserable) She'll always remain as a geeky kid (pssh!) who is hyperactive and is on the edge. She forget's whether it's the edge of insanity or the edge of madness. I think they're the same but she thinks one sounds like you've lost your marbles and one makes you seem cooler.

You can contact her at: jnlabrada(at)gmail(dot)com.