December 25, 2011

Best of 2011: 11 Fictional Places You Wanted to Visit (From Books)

11) The IPCA
International Paranormal Containment Agreement 


9)  The SOAP (school of america in paris) School in AtFK. And can I have me a bffl like Meredith?!

8) Eden (from The Goddess Test)

7) The Iron Fey realm (I'm sorry, it seems awesome)

6) The London Shadowhunters Institute

5) Alicante (The Mortal Instruments)

4) Mercy Falls, Minnesota

3) The Hourglass Institute (minus Cat, Jack, Michael, Ava, but keep Dune and Kaleb)

2) The Gallagher Academy (you know, for a girl who really dislikes school, I'm putting schools)

1) Hex Hall (*mumbles* I wouldn't mind Cal or Archer next to me either)

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