December 24, 2011

Best of 2011: the TV edition

11Game of Thrones

While it may not be family appropriate, Game of Thrones is quite the bomb in HBO. With George R.R Martin still writing the series, Game of Thrones is really ramping it up on the TV. Don't believe me? Well, there's dragons, sword-fighting, and some ass-kicking women. Oh and dragons.

A sci-fi show that boggles your mind and adds supernatural element,you should watch it.

9) awkward

the show of a teenage girl, who's quite the awkward person. It's absolutely hilarious, funny and true about high-school.
8) castle
Nathan Fillion. Cop drama. Stana Katic as the most flawless woman ever. NATHAN FILLION!!!!!!

Booth and Bones (AKA Brennan) have the best chemistry. He's a "tough-guy" and she's a science nerd. But they're both so adorable together!

6) Revenge
Inspired by the story of the Count of Monte Cristo, the lead female is out for revenge against the people who framed her father years ago. Infiltrating the elite in the Hamptons, Emily Thorne is not to be messed with.

5) Warehouse 13
Steampunk in TV and aptly coined america's attic, Warehouse 13 has every lovable characters, a spunky teenage hacker, and a dog named Trailer. Need I say more?

4) Teen wolf
Based on the cult 1980s hit, Teen Wolf is the epitome of shirtless. Like, seriously, in just the pilot there were three shirtless scene. Nice view though ;)

3) Doctor Who 
A Mad Man with a police call box and ARTHUR DARVILL, Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005 but it's the best series ever. The 2010-2011 season was quite the bomb (in my opinion)! with lots of integration of River Song (who, for those, who've been with Doctor Who, she's been a key player) introduction of Amy Pond and, you guessed it, Arthur Darvill.

2) Community
It's the gem of comedy in TV, where other comedies fall flat. There are eight main characters and each have the most distinguished personalities in TV. They aren't cookie-cutter replicas of each other and they're quite hilarious. The writer, Dan Harmon, is a brilliant man. He can create episodes based entirely on random things, like Dungeons and Dragons.

1) Vampire diaries 

Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure for anyone. It's basically about supernatural creatures, throw in some teenage drama, a vampire off the wagon in season 3, and the most SCREWED up original family but they did it all out of love. It's so sweet in a twisted way. Also, most ridiculously good-looking cast members ever. Dammit Nina Dobrev, why you so gorgeous!?

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