November 17, 2011

Strange Angels: ReVamped

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Hola, people! Sorry for the late post but I had to read Defiance by Lili St. Crow.
Can I just say: "Holy Crap on Cracker".

But wait, what's that you all say? You've never read the Strange Angels series by Ms. St.Crow? Cool yourselves down because I'm about to take you on a mind blowing summary.

Strange Angels/Betrayals/Jealousy in a nutshell:
Dru Anderson's always been moving with her dad. Is it a good life, not really, but it helps them because Dru and her dad hunt things that go bump in the night and stuff you imagined only happened in fairytales and movies. Then one day, Dru's dad comes home from a hunt, not so human and very undead. After this unfortunate accident, Dru goes on the run from the same people who turned her father into a zombie and want Dru served to them. She meets Graves, an antisocial boy who turns out to be one of Dru's closest allies/friends as the series progress. Fast forward some mundane stuff and Graves is turned into a wolf, or a loup-garou, and it's revealed that Dru is a rare svetocha, a female vampire who's toxic and deadly to other vampires around her as soon as she blooms. The series progresses with Dru taken to a satellite Schola, which is later compromised, and then a regular one to train her so that when she becomes a full fledged svetocha, she'll be prepared for the King of Vampires, Sergej. He's the one that wants to kill Dru and murdered her father to become the true king of vampires (he'll be able to walk in sunlight an be virtually unkillable).

Take a deep breath. Are you ready? Good, because that's just the first four books.

In Defiance, Dru doesn't have her loyal sidekick/partner in crime Graves, because he's been captured by Sergej as payback. Dru is nearing blooming, but no one knows that. Yet. The stakes in Defiance are upped even higher than before because those she trusted (which were very few), betray her and her safety and trust are thrown a pair of snake eyes. Now Dru has to go find Graves before the worst happens to him, train rigorously to prepare herself as she nears blooming, and manage to survive before sundown. Sounds like a plan, eh?

My review: I adore Strange Angels. It takes the wearied plot of vampires and turns it on its head where good and bad aren't only shown through who's a nosferat (one of Sergej's) or who's a djamphir (those who are allied with the Order) but also through the choices one makes. Of course, one thing I did not like about this is Christophe. He's ridiculously attractive but when you shed light on his past, it's rather gruesomeand as much as you want to cheer for him, the evidence that ends up getting stacked against are immediately danger-candy to all us Strange Angels. I give it a positive 7 out of 10 and most definitely recommend buying it. You'll devour them all in a few hours (plus the whole series is out already, so hooray!).

Thanks for reading!

P.S wanna know more about Lili's fabulous world? Look no further and check out the interview I had with her.

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