November 26, 2011

Another Tourney!

Hey guys! I'm such a bad blogger but I'm back! Recently while prowling Twitter, The YA Sisterhood said their Heroines Tourney will be starting soon. Five days from today to be specific.

First things first, a round of applause for YA Sisterhood, for holding two Tourney's in the span of 5 months!!


Now, for all you who live under rocks, or don't compulsively check Twitter like me (I have no control, I swear), The Heroines Tourney is something like the Crush Tourney (which was this summer, had boys, frequent server crashes, and SO MANY CUTE BOYS) except the Heroines are about the leading ladies and each girl fights her way to be to the top (because similar to Highlander, there can only be one). Among them will be Aura from Shade, Kat from Heist Society, Emerson from Hourglass, Rose from Vampire Academy,Tessa from Clockwork Angel, Katniss from Hunger Games, Hermoine from Harry Potter, and Izzy from The Mortal Instruments. That's right, some of the most kick-ass girls will be in this years Heroine Tourney. There will be people advocating for them in the tourney, stating why their girl is awesome and deserves to move up the ladder and all we do is vote. You can all show your support by clicking here to find out who's repping them and grab the button for that girl, as well as the YA Heroines Tourney button. I promote everyone on Twitter shamelessly and report on the Tournament (since I'm just that good!) to all the Tweeters. You can all help and promote them on twitter too, if you have one, or you can spread it through your blog!

YAY!! follow my twitter @JazminLabrada for crazy tweets and updates on Twitter.

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