December 5, 2011

Regularity and the Importance of Scheduled Stuff

hello blog readers! whoa, i'm really irregulary posting. it brings me to the point of blogging, and how blogging should be consistent, and yanno, interesting. now, i do my confessions on tuesday and regular book blogging every day. lately, i've realized that i haven't blogged in a month and it makes me sad. it reminds me that this blog is just as important as doing homework, or feeding the dogs breakfast and dinner. i think that my blogging has slipped behind and i want to make sure i can blog and still give the readers sonething to read.

blogging is basically writing. about anything; books, food, fashion. movies. bookshelf is about ya book reviews and while my last post was the 26th of november, i have a new plan to offer so i can read, pick up my school (because while they may love my wittiness on this blog, my grades matter too)(and finals are in a week, yikes!): i will blog on mondays, wednesdays and fridays with the occasional saturday post and confession tuesdays. good? awesome, because i have another thing during the last 11 days of 2011 about the top 11 things of 2011 (books, movies, tv, you name it!)

until wednesday readers!

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