September 13, 2011

Texans and Goths

Hiya everyone, I just saw the calender and saw that summer is dwindling. WTF?! It's August and I realized "Summer goes by fast" except when you're reading because then you're either in Spring, Winter, Paris, or the Underworld (and come on you guys, who doesn't want to be in the Underworld in the Spring) *crickets*

Anyways, I just finished Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore and it was pretty fanfreakingtastic. It's got humor, snark, paranormal, a hot cowboy, sassy witches and it will make you snort with laughter (so don't be drinking Caf-Pow* while you're reading this.)
Texas Gothic is about Amy (Amaryllis) Goodnight living in the chaoticness that is the Goodnight family. The Goodnight's are a *big* family of witches (no guys! YEAH) who have an affinity (like Daisy who's a psychic and Amy's sister, Phin, who works well with kitchen magic) but Amy doesn't really have an affinity. And she's glad of it. Amy's the "normal" one in the family of witches that helps maintain the sense of normalcy to the outside world and hides the eccentricity of the Goodnights. So Texas Gothic has Amy and her sister Phin ranch-sitting for their Aunt Hyacinth when one day an unfortunate accident (the goats Taco and Gordita in a tree...) has Amy meeting the neighbor, who is the Hot Cowboy, Ben. But soon after the goat incident, a ghost gets through their Aunt's protections and starts haunting the ranch and Amy. Without giving too much away, Amy and Phin are then involved with another local ghost story in their town and they have to be solved the mystery.

Texas Gothic was.... amazing. Snarkily delicious. Hot. I didn't dislike anything about this book and that's pretty awesome (well except for Emery...) and I also LOVED that Clement-Moore has women in the field (of science, anthropology) which leads me to the whole girl-power thing is KA-POW. I loved how the Goodnight women were there for each other and could hold their own (Daisy, I love you. No seriously, you dress like Abby and I think Abby is schmazing).

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