September 14, 2011

The Iron Fey series

Yeah, the blog post title is a bit of a doozy isn't it? Iron Fey is a contradiction and it's SO MADDENING but hark! fellow readers, I am here to explain the reasons as to why you should definitely read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

The story starts off with our female heroine, Meghan Chase, a misfit in her human world because there's something off about her. Well, we also find out dear ol' Meg is turning sixteen. And crap hits the fan as Meghan's gets a rude slap to the face as she finds out her little brother, Ethan, has been kidnapped by the Fey and into the NeverNever. Commence flailing around in the new, strange, wondrous freaky world and geeky friends turning amazingly hot (no people, it's not sarcasm). As Meghan goes into the NeverNever with the only intention of getting her brother with her prankster BFF/hot fey (Puck AKA Midsummer's Night Dream), the discovery that she's actually the half daughter of Oberon, King of the Seelie Court and she's falling in love with the prince of the Unseelie court. Yeah, this is one hell of a ride but it's totally worth it!!! Of course there's also the times when Meghan makes some impulsive/rash/stupid decisions and her adventures effs up but you know, that's what makes The Iron King so fun! That even our heroine where she might not quiver in the face of dangers, screws up royally on the way to it!

The Characters:
Meghan is actually pretty freaking fierce for finding out she's half-Fey while trying to rescue her little brother. 'Course, there's always those times when she really needs to get the f*** outta the way when BAD THINGS ARE FALLING IN FRONT OF HER.

Puck: dear god, Puck, can you be real?! Could you...BE MY FRIEND?! I absolutely LUURVE you OH SO MUCH. it's actually kind of ridiculous.

Grimalkin is basically the Cheshire cat of this series, he's snarky and has a remarkable deadpan for a cat. He's like the embodiment of what every cat would say/do/be like if they could.

Ash, oh you mother-trucking, son of a gun. You're so flawless yet so flawed, how could you be so?! I think that the series of the Iron Fey is really taking its time to mature, because he's so stand-offish in the first book and he gradually opens up throughout books 2 & 3.

Overall I'm giving Iron King a solid 8.5 out of ten rating, so scat. Read it.

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