August 23, 2011

Confession of a (Teenage) Geek: Geek Tuesday's

HOLY CRAP I HAVEN'T POSTED IN A WEEK. I blame the internet which I have not had since like last week but no fear, today's geek post is here!!!

1) Teen Wolf isn't on today,I find that super depressing. Thank god for Tumblr though because they feel my pain. *stares at downloads to finish so teen wolf can be on my iPod*

2) Bloodlines by Richelle Mead came out today. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

3) So, re-watching Angel yesterday, I realized that sparked my obsession with vampires. But not just any kind, I'm talking being able to stake 'em and burn them in the sun. Also, Cordy was the BOMB!

4) Warehouse 13 and Eureka have taken up space on my computer. I regret nothing.

So while Geek Tuesday was short, tomorrow Books will be back!!!!!! With Texas Gothic.

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