April 23, 2011

Who? Doctor Who?

Ohmygod you guys, today was the premiere of series 6 of Doctor Who. It was BOMB. The 11th Doctor always ALWAYS finds a way to make me laugh hysterically and uncontrollably such as:

"I wear a Stetson now. Stetson's are cool." I have a HUGE COWBOY obsession that started with Jensen Ackles, resurfaced with Dimitri Belikov and came back with the Doctor. Now I gotta go find me a Stetson....and a fez. I NEED A FEZ YOU GUYS!

Anyways, today's episode was chalk full of drama/action. The beginning was hilarious with the Doctor causing trouble intentionally. Amy and Rory are living their normal lives but they miss the Doctor so they basically are looking for hints of him throughout history (read: beginning = total hilarity) but then when River Song (who I aspire to be, like Nikita....), Amy/Rory and the Doctor are having a picnic things go bad. And when bad stuff happens in Doctor Who, Steven Moffat just lays on the bad. Anyways, tragic stuff passed by with Amy, River and Rory flipping out and looking for the Doctor. Yadda yah, these guys then go to the White House in 1969, to do with the space mission. (Remember, Nixon and the moon landing?) MARK SHEPPARD GUEST STARS. MARK FREAKING SHEPPARD. The man is like a one man show, he can play bad/good/and everything else. (Watch his stints on Leverage, recent Supernatural, and others). The bad guys today are horrrible disfigured aliens that make you forget them as soon as you see them but THEY LOOK SO FREAKING COOL. Alrighty, the ending has a cliffhanger. WHY MOFFAT WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?! but Amy gives a shocking revelation and silence shall fall (remember when the Doctor was trapped in the giant Pandora box?). I love Doctor Who. EMBRACE THE NERD, now excuse me while I build my own Tardis with my handy sonic screwdriver,

Lastly, I need to mention a great lady; Elisabeth Sladen. Those who don't know her, she was Sarah Jane on Doctor Who as well as having her own show The Sarah Jane Adventures (Doctor Who for kids). Today she passed away, due to cancer. Now, Elisabeth looked incredibly young for her age (around 60's) and she was possibly one of the Doctor's coolest assistants, wearing sonic lipstick (c'mon you know that's awesome). She will be missed and I am so glad that I've been watching Doctor Who since I was ten (the original ones too, word) as well as watching some Sarah Jane. I grieve for the loss for a pretty rad assistant, and I hope wherever she is, it's faraway from a Dalek and with her own Doctor.


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