April 10, 2011


Hey y'all! I WAS supposed to post this yesterday but I was too tired to even move after I knocked out on the couch. Anyways yesterday was the Romantic Times Teen Day Convention and I was lucky enough to go but how I got there is a totally different story.
Here's how the day went:

7:30 a.m: i woke up, very excited. Couldn't WAIT to see my favorite authors but I wasn't changed and I was too busy huddling under my blankets for warmth.

8:00 a.m: I got up, changed and fed my pets under 10 minutes. Normally it takes 5 but I was stupid enough to wear super tight jeans. STUPID!

8:20 a.m: eat breakfast; do chores; sit around and wait.

9:20 a.m: Walk to bus stop (lovely parents didn't want to drive me. grr...)

9:30 a.m: @ Bust stop, waited there until 9:50 and then I was EXCITED. I was going to meet Authors and NOTHING COULD STOP ME. NOTHING.

10:20 a.m: Got off the WRONG STOP and sat by LAX parking for an hour. I wanted to murder someone. Lots of swearing and scared stares

10:50 a.m: called mom (she confuzzled me;actually i couldn't hear squat from my phone. stupid thing.) and then I went to Sissy and Bro (who is now WonderBro.... kinda sounds like WarnerBro... ANYWAY...)

after half an hour of talking, swearing and walking 20 feet from where I was WonderBro and Sissy decided to pick me up (FINALLY.)

11:20 a.m: On the bus where Mom called me. (insert FUDGE MUFFIN) she got mad that I was late and couldn't follow directions. Threatened to lock me in room if I got home alive (fear takes over..)

WonderBro left me at different bus stop and then I understood his directions this time. I waited on the bus forEVER until we reached the last stop. I got off and then I called Mom. Mom helped but I walked around for like half an hour until I went the opposite way I was going and found the bus to take me to the hotel where RT times was being held at. My mom was on the phone with me the entire time until I got off,

1:30 p.m: I WAS AT RT BOOK CONVENTION, FINALLY. I WAS ECSTATIC AND FULL OF EUPHORIA. I paid for my ticket and walked in. Luckily all the YA authors were in the YA Alley so all I did was fly one place to another.

Ally Carter and Holly Black were my go-to peeps when I got there. Ally's so sweet (she laughs a lot, so she was also chill) and Holly was the bomb! She referred to me as one of 'Ally's' so that's why I heard about White Cat. I got Red Glove and Only the Good Spy Young as well as getting a 'Memory Worker' wristband. Then I went to Alyson Noel and she signed a bunch of book marks for me! YAY! we talked for a bit and she's so nice and kind! I went to Jennifer Lynn Barnes, author of Raised By Wolves and she signed a small photograph of it for me, YEAH! Then I went to Jackie Morse Kessler who signed a Rage poster to me. (I loved yesterday, p.s) Then Mari Mancusi who wrote Boys that Bite series gave me a bookmark, Carrie Ryan signed my copy of Forest of Hands and Teeth, Rachel Caine (who I talked to forever!) signed my copy of Ghost Town (Morganville Vamp. series) and we kept laughing about stupid things :). I bought Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis and got Richelle Mead to sign two posters and Cassandra Clare signed my City of Fallen Angels and signed a poster for a friend of mine. Then i went to a speed-reading event with some authors (Rachel Caine, Heather Davis, Kady Cross, to name a few) as well as going how do you create a story with Melissa Mar, Rachel Caine, Melissa De La Cruz, and two other authors who were the bomb.( We created a story where zombies who ate limbs were downstairs in the hotel and wore pink military uniforms for breast cancer awareness and searching for the zombie chosen one. It was wicked fun.) And another story (of karaoke night gone bad in the post office) and (a were-squirrel who turned into a hot guy on the full moon and stalked you while living in your attic. That was intense.) Unfortunately my parents decided to pick me up before I could have gotten a swag bag. (DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but all in all it was so much fun!
I also realized I can't follow directions to SAVE MY LIFE. If I am ever on a road trip with you, we're screwed (actually don't give me the map, I'll drive.)

Bye and have a good weekend!

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