April 24, 2011

10 Reasons Why You SHOULD be Reading Curse Workers series by Holly Black

So, in a previous post I've written about Holly Black and her Curseworkers series. Now, if you aren't hooked by reading the back covers, I'll give you ten reasons WHY Curse Workers series is bomb.

10) There's Magick. Not Tinkerbell magic, this is the real shiz. Everyone has some type of magick but with that comes blowback. I'll explain that next.

9) The Blowback. See when the characters in the Curse Workers use magick, there's a price to pay. It's Karma basically, let's say you're a Death Worker (kill someone with just your touch) the blowback you get is slowly dying yourself. The same goes with Luck/Memory/Dreams, if you do bad magick, you get bad blowback. It's BEAST.

8) Cons. Man, do I love a good con. I blame my friend Kelsey for involving me with Leverage (btw CONS!!!). So anyways in White Glove, there are mini cons going throughout (like Cassel being a bookie at school) and then there's the big con at the end where EVERYTHING CHANGED. I may not have the skillz to be a con-man or mobster, but I'll live it through Holly Black's series.

7) Cassel. Hot boy, like no joke. Cassel is such a messed up and flawed character but you love him BECAUSE of these flaws. He tries to convince you he's bad, but whenever he's nice to his friends/family you see that he's just misunderstood. I LOVE MISUNDERSTOOD BOYS, they always tend to be hotter...

6) The Family Business. Even though Cassel doesn't have any 'special' curse worker ability (snerk, YA RIGHT. read White Cat to see why), his family is always close (but for a totally different reason...) as they do cons/jobs together and they do it right. I wonder if I can start the Family Biz when I get older, so TIME TO BECOME A CON ARTIST.

5) The girls. Alright, before you think of me as some weird person, I gotta say Holly Black's female characters are MOXIE. They do things for the people they love (Daneca in the series, Maura in Red Glove, Lila...) and even though that sometimes goes south, they only want best for those they love (except you Lila, you better prove me wrong in Black Heart or I'll make a vodoo doll for you)

4) The Bad Girl/Bad Boy (Lila and Cassel's chemistry). So in Red Glove, these two have some nice moments until yanno somewhere near the late middle. Lila is a spoiled girl but not enough parent love (I've heard that song sung before) so she's a tad pyschotic (probably those years where she was 'dead' added to that) but you can't deny that she and Cassel have some great moments (read Red Glove for more on those moments as well as the flashbacks to when they were kids). I have the vodoo Lila doll ready just in case she does something totally unforgivable in Black Heart.

3) The Zacharov Crime Family . Man, the Mob is in here and I love that. I enjoy crime families that want to kill someone (albeit it's a character I like so...) but I just love how if you get one on your side, they're like your best friends but if there on the opposite side you better make sure you can hide REAL GOOD from them.

2) The twists Black just throws in there like she's dealing cards. That's bloody brilliant as well as how she just keeps you hooked that you have to keep reading. (I finished Red Glove in 3 hours. 3 friggin hours. I regret nothing.)

1) The covers. They ooze of mystery and intrigue and gorgeousness.

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