April 7, 2011

A List...Because I feel like it

A list of today even though I've had like 3 posts today:

1) Yesterday, I realized that it was my one year anniversary of blogging but today (of last year) would be the first day I actually made sense. So...next week I'll be holding a contest/raffle where you can win some cool prizes. YAY FOR ONE YEAR BLOGGING!!

2) Japan had another earthquake while Mexico had a 6 point on. My heart goes out to them. I hope they're all right and I really want to donate

3) Wasn't tonight's episode of Vampire Diaries FREAKING AMAZING?!I thought it was the BOMB and that triple con that a fantastic lady pulled off here was pretty damn good and well executed. VD is so good and so awesome but it makes me want to die especially with that little stunt they pulled at the end. OH NO YOU DIDN'T JULIE AND KEVIN....
This is why I'm obsessed with this show.

4) I explained the premise of Vampire Diaries to my mother. In one commercial break. She's hooked. I feel so awesome and just a bit more accomplished now


6) I'm currently on my second revision of my book. It's so nerve racking. I'm trying to get it just right so I can query and get an agent....

7) Nikita is my current affair with tv. Those are some neat explosions they pull off. I love Nikita. Girl has got some Mad skillz. Division's armory makes me drool. Pretty weapons..... She is now my new role model (though some people are worried now... heheheh :)

8) I realize I watch way too much tv and eat sugar and caffeine and can multi-task while writing. I feel so writer-like and author. I shall refer to myself as the Author of Awesomesauce of AoA...

9) If I hear that song "Firework" one more time, I will kill it. But that one guy from Prom who talked to blondie was HOT. Like legit, I was too busy staring at him to momentarily forgot my anger.

10) My older sissy got into Lafayette! I'm so excited for her even though nine hours ago, we were trying to kill each other.

11) I realized that just over a day ago, I called myself insane and two other friends of mine agreed. My friends don't know me that well.

12) I need to go watch Hanna now, that makes me smile. Eric Bana is in there. I haven't seen him since the Hulk.
P.S I'm also a comic book nerd, so I may need to add comics to the contest giveaway.

Thanks y'all, have a good night and don't do anything you'll regret in the morning

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