April 2, 2011

Random....Writing related.... I think

I haven't blogged in forever. I was too busy going insane freaking out TOO BUSY EDITING.
This is a very bad thing but in my defense, I was busy with my book. Actually editing, to be specific. It's not fun. My main character Jules refuses to work with me so I had to send my plot bunnies (who are NOT Okay with this behavior) on her. She sassed them and proceeded to harass the other two male leads. Oh Jules, well played. Anyway this morning I woke up at an unholy time (5 a.m) to edit. And that I did, because soon after I got an idea that smacked into the back of my head and started to shout that they wanted to be written out too. I only got their names (Oliver and Simone) and the idea: (but i can't tell you.. YET) ( I blame the books I recently read...). See Oliver isn't like my other MC lead boys that are in my other book. He's a billionaire son, selfish, whines a lot and likes to drink (he's not even legal! WTF?!) while Simone is snarky, quiet and cause lots of hell, you might say she's what Jules would be if the .... nevermind I can't say anything.

see here's Simone

while this is Jules

(BEAR IN MIND; they're both stubborn and sassy. my favorite combination is a heroine)
Yup, so that's whats percolating in my head as well as the super secret one which I can't tell you but has some dirty secrets (OHLALA!)

so now that craziness has passed, who else is coming to RT Teen Day/Book Fair? Because yanno I'm going and I'll see if I can score multiple swag to give away here (for those who couldn't come) OR you can score some VIP tix here: http://rtteenday.blogspot.com/2011/04/featured-author-richelle-mead.html#comment-form . I'm also going to take pics and have captions that are like "Yo, I'm so G that I'm at the RT Times Convention," or something like that.

OH well, have fun and I'll be back tomorrow blogging about the recent books I just read that were FTW (Like Angelfire, Vesper, Paranormalcy, Demonglass, Nightshade and other stuff.)

I'm out,
J (my G name)

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