April 7, 2011

Books that have made Young Adults read AGAIN...

Hey everyone, y'all have read/seen Pretty Little Liars by Sara Sheppard right? It's awesome that young people are reading (be it Twilight or PLL)course some parents cringe over their children reading books like Pretty Little Liars. I had read this summer of my 6th grade year going into 7th and was so shocked. Was it possible that vampire books had ceased coming in? No but Liars showed me the light (fictionally speaking, der!)

Well anyway, the magnificent author of Pretty Little Liars has made yet another Young Adult mystery novel for teens and it doesn't disappoint. The Lying Game is about Emma, a foster kid who one day finds out she's got a twin sister named Sutton. She's a dead-ringer for Emma (hehe pun...) but unfortunately she's dead. Emma then decided to go meet Sutton but is forced (indirectly) by a mysterious assailant who says she's got to keep up the charade of being Sutton unless she wants to end up 6 feet in the ground too. This is where Emma steps up in Sutton's place and realizes her win sister may have her own secrets, especially when the girls start The Lying Game again in which they commit elaborate pranks and make the poor victim feel like their in a crime. Which one of Sutton's friends could have killed her?
Could it have been a jealous Charlotte?
Or the Swan Lake Mafia, Madeline?
Maybe it was her neglected sister Laurel or the two twins eager to join the Lying Game committee. Whoever did it is a damn good actor.

Man oh man, Sara Sheppard IS GOOD. IS LIKE A GOD. She's made teenagers into killers and made them look fabulous while Emma tries to figure out which one of Sutton's 'best friends' could have killed her. She also has the story alternate between Emma and dead Sutton.
Oh Sara Sheppard you are GOOD.

P.S ABC Family has picked up the Lying Game in addition to other shows :)

I can't wait for Never Have I Ever.... can you?

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  1. Heyyy i am also a huge fan of Sarah Shepards books! Which The Lying Game book are u on? im on the third one, 2 truths and a lie


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