April 25, 2011

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If I Stay is a beautiful and gripping tale of love, family and the choices we all make. Mia is living an ordinary life with dreams of getting in Julliard because that girl has some serious cello playing skills. One day when she’s driving out with her family to meet family friends, they end up in a car accident. Mia then has an out of body experience as she notices her current situation, comatose, and the people who love watch over her body as they pray and hope for her to come back to them. Mia has a choice to make, if she wants to stay or if she'll leave. If I Stay is a graceful and haunting tale, having a steady pace but keeping you hooked. I absolutely freaking loved If I Stay because Mia is there but not really and you see family and friends come in and out of the hospital as they wait for Mia to emerge from her comatose state. She has a reliable best friend, Kim and awesome boyfriend Adam, who instigate possibly the coolest/craziest plan to get into Mia's hospital suite (hint: it involves a famous celebrity and that was just bomb).
If I Stay is a must read. No exceptions, just READ it.
The sequel, Where She Went is out. Now let me go find it.

My review: 8 Stars

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