April 25, 2011

Behind the Bookshelf: Andrea Cremer

YUSSSS!!! Today is my first installment of Behind the Bookshelf. Today we have * DRUM ROLL PLEASE* Andrea Cremer partaking in Behind the Bookshelf.

Andrea Cremer wrote Nightshade (possibly the most Awesomesauce debut book of 2011) with the sequel, Wolfsbane coming out this summer (July 26) and Bloodrose set to come out Spring 2012. Here's my interview with Andrea!

Q: Who’s your favorite team to be in? (Yanno like Team Jace or Team Simon (Mortal Instruments); Peeta or Gale? (Hunger Games) Or my personal favorite; Team Shay or Team Ren?)

Andrea Cremer :That’s tough – there are some great contenders out there! I think my favorite team of the moment is Team Nick vs. Team Alan in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon’s Lexicon series. I adore Nick but Alan is so intriguing!

Me: hmm, so I've heard. I guess I should read Demon's Lexicon now...

Q: What would you rather be in your books; A Keeper, A Guardian, or a Searcher?

Andrea: I’d want to be a Guardian. I love wolves and I’d love to have the ability to become one.

Me: If you could spend a day with any one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Andrea : I would spend it with Mason – he’s hilarious and sweet. He’d be a wonderful person to hang out with.

Me: Tru that.

Q: What helps you get into the writer mode? A Cup of Tea? Blasting music? Or just go with the flow on whatever is mixing in that wonderful brain of yours?

Andrea: All I need to write are coffee (black and strong!) and music. I create playlists for all my books. The right songs help transport me into the world I’m writing.

Me: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure (music, television, books, etc…)?

Andrea: Playing World of Warcraft with my husband and watching television – Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Buffy J

Me: Can you say, my new best friend? Andrea's a beast. *drools stares at Sam and Dean*

Q: How’d you get the (insanely wicked and super-schmazing) idea for the Nightshade series?

Andrea : Calla was the inspiration for Nightshade. I knew she was a girl and that she was a wolf. Creating the world of Nightshade meant inventing a wolf mythology that reflected the way I see wolves – as beautiful, intelligent and social rather than the way werewolves usually appear in popular culture.

Q: What’s your favorite word (other than schmazing,‘cause yanno look at it)?

Andrea: I have many favorite words, but one is sanguinary. It means bloody.

Alrighty, this was one spectacular interview with Andrea Cremer. Thanks a bunch to Andrea, and you readers!

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