April 24, 2011

An Idea.. That Will Now Be a Regular Thing

Alrighty, peeps so you guys know who I do interviews with authors when they can (because writing is DEMANDING) so I want to make the interviews on here unique. Myra McEntire does The Fort over at her blog, CJ Redwine has fun installment with Captain Jack/Spork of Doom and the Werellama, I'll be doing Behind the Bookshelf (since you know, my blog is called Wondeful Bookshelf of Jaz, so it's only fitting I do Behind the Bookshelf). Behind the Bookshelf is an idea that I just came up with this morning when I remembered I had sent interview questions to Andrea Cremer, author of Nightshade. So as soon as I can put the interview up (which wil be by tomorrow, I PINKY SWEAR, cause that stuff is legit), Behind the Bookshelf will be a regular thing everytime I get an interview.

Muchas gracias,

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