October 12, 2010

Mini-Blog; Death of My Blog

Well hey everyone I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd want to (cause you know with school and homework and stage-managing duties and reading (you know this IS a book blog?) AND trying to finish my rough draft of a book (hehe!) ) so here's this post about me and my ever-lasting struggle with making time to do ALL of this. Well I can say is I meditate. I know, me, hyper-active crazy person meditate WHAT??? but I do Meditate, in the weirdest ways no less.

1) taking to my librarian, yup she knows about my perilous( just kidding!) expedition of writing a book.
Like librarians are inspirational; go talk to one.NOW!

2) read; duh reading makes me peaceful and so do strawberries (yum!) so crack open a book and read, yeah!

3) listening to my Ipod, volume full blast with Fall Out Boy or something around that.

so my meditation is different than yours and if you are like me who wishes to embark on writing a book and maybe kill her blog, go ahead I applaud you!


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