October 19, 2010

Halloween EPICNESS

Well today I'm gonna talk about 2 really amazing books that were awesome to read; Jekel Loves Hyde and Succubus Dreams that were the portrayals of Halloween.

Jekel Loves Hyde; It's a classic, modern-day remake of the original tale of Dr:Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr.Hyde. Jill Jekel, your ordinary, straight-laced, good girl who has obeyed every rule her parents have said , especially about the rule of never touching the mysterious box in her fathers' office. But when Jill's dad is murdered and her college savings go down the drain. Then there's Tristen Hyde mysterious, broody (no he's not a vampire!) and all around intelligent. But Tristen's got a secret, his family is the descendant of Mr.Hyde and all the men are doomed to be murders; Jill gets the help of Tristen to recreate the Jekyll/Hyde experiments, win a hefty scholarship and maybe save Tristen in the process, but all does not go well when Jill tastes the formula and then everything she's worked for can go down just for the being.... bad.

My review; 5 stars!!!
It was such a well-written piece, hauntingly good, It made me want to recreate the Jekyll/Hyde experiments!!!!!!!!!!! Best read at night!

Then I started Richelle Meads Succubus Blues series but I started at Succubus Dreams so I'm not sure whether or not to write about it!!!!!!!

Oh well!!!!!!!! I'll continue it tomorrow!!!! or when I get the 1st book (hehe!)

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