September 6, 2010

Holly Black with a mix of Christopher Pike with a dash of Alyson Noel

White Cat by Holly Black:
Review: 4 stars

Holly Black is part of my list of awesome writers and I grew up reading her Spiderwick Chronicles so when I heard White Cat by Holly Black was in the library I could not resist. SO White Cat is edgier Spiderwick Chronicles. Cassel comes from a long line of curse workers, these are guys that can change your luck/emotion/ possibly kill you but curse work is illegal so many are con men and mobsters. But Cassel can't do any of this, he's ordinary and it's fine with him. Except for when he starts to sleepwalk, and what's with the white cat haunting his dreams.
Awesome book and it shows Cassel's family situation with not so great brothers, old grandfather and mom in jail but yeah his background doesn't change who he is; a very hot nice guy. YES!!!!!!!

Thirst No.1 (The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice) by Christopher Pike
Review: 4 stars

So I've never heard of this guy Christopher Pike before.Ever. Because half of the time I go to amazon and that's where I find potential books but Christopher Pike? What? So anyway this guy is AMAZING, like I love how he has a female protagonist who knows what she wants and will take it, he knows the perfect balance of her gorgeous yet lethal. So Alisa Perne is a vampire. 5,000 years old, she's one of two last remaining vampires in this world, the other being her creator.Anyway she's a good vampire, she doesn't kill only gets blood from her victims but doesn't injure them. She's had this control for over 5,000 years and lives just outside of society, quietly observing; but then her creator comes back to kill her. She then has to break her rules to survive. This leads to her meeting Ray; He fears her but she needs him to help her survive and then her world collapses as she falls in love with him and she's in more danger than she ever thought! Ohmygosh, it's amazing and i'll tell you later about the second book.

Shadowland by Alyson Noel
Review: 3 stars

Ooh where to begin. Well Ever screwed up big time this time like whoa lady, you're taking the soul mate principle a tiny bit tooo far... but it was a good book. I still prefer Damen to whoever other guy might come between him and Ever. She can't touch him because it can kill Damen but Jude continues to haunt her and she meets a new guy, Jude, some guy she knows from somewhere before. So Ever tries to find a way to fix the spell keeping her from Damen, nooo bad idea. But Ever's stubborn and she won't stop 'till she gets what she wants.I'll give her that. I can't wait for Dark Flame to come to my library so i can read it!!!!!!!!

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