July 21, 2010


Well sorry for not posting in a while, I've been quite busy finding books to read and debating which are the most worthy of being posted about.Finally I've decided on 4 books!

I've finally decided to bring in SPIRIT BOUND:

Ohmigosh! I loved it. simply stated, it was pretty awesome.
though i won't say much... 1 word..Belikov!!
though i feel bad for adrian..he'll always be too good for rose. in my humble opinion!
now i can't wait for december to come out because it'll wrap up Vampire Academy I'm sad and happy to see it go though i hope it won't be an Everything's fine, dandy really type of ending. Always leave the fans wanting more!

Second: I finished the last 2 Vampire Diaries books
The Return:Nightfall and The Return:Shadow Souls

three words for these books EPIC.MIND.BlOWN.
seriously i'm waiting for The Return:Midnight to come out. being a book lover, i requested (politely, yes i know, it is possible for me) to pre-order this book. Guess who's first for this book? ME!

and the new cover for Midnight: i think it could be that girl kitsune or caroline but you're thoughts are always welcome.


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