June 29, 2010


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Well today was a great today because of the release of Ally Carter's new book Only the Good Spy Young and let me be the first to say it was amazing!!!!!!

Ally knows how to keep her readers entertained and at the end, I cried. Yes, I did and once you finish the book and read the last two pages, you will too!

But it was soo good and it was funny at times that I laughed right along. It's a truly amazing book and GG4 was so tightly wound that I am already anticipating GG5.

And in other related news i have 6 more books eagerly awaiting reviewing.

First off, let me say out of the 6 books i have, 2/3 of them are supernatural themed related. ( I know, I'm a sucker for vampire cliches and etc.)

 The Eternal Kiss
my review: 3 stars

So it was good but it lacked some back bone in it. I mean the title/cover says it all, it's gonna be vampires but some of these tales weren't as good as they should have been. These are some of the best vamp-fiction writers there are but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't try harder, even if it was in short story format.

The Poison Eaters

my review: 3 stars

Short stories from Holly Black that go back to where she started with faeries and stuff. It was good and you'll see the Coldest Girl in Coldtown again.

It was very fun but I hated the Boy Who Cried Wolf story and another one.

The Summoning

my review: 3 stars

It's pretty good. So Chloe is sent to a home for kids with psychological problems and there she meets some friends (Liz and Rae), a not-so-nice friend (Tori...), two boys (Derek and Simon) and a crazy corporation wanting to study Chloe and her friends (the Edison Group). Can't wait to see how it all ends, but am unsure if I should continue.

Once Dead, Twice Shy
my review: 3 stars

Fun, cool, sassy and awesome. Madison had been killed at her prom. Targeted by a dark reaper, she manages to steal his amulet and she's giving somewhat of a body. So now she's stuck on Earth; dead but not gone and with help from a light reaper and her crush and her guardian angel, maybe just maybe, she can take control of her destiny.

Boys, Girls, and other Hazardous Materials
My review: 2 stars

It was....good but too girly for my liking. With Charlie starting high school in a new school she thinks she'll get a fresh start but not when she meets with her old friend,Will. And then her other friend,Nidhi from middle school. Drama erupts. Cat fights. And boys. If you didn't catch the earlier message, I do not like girly books with too much romance and a 'weak' plot (which means not enough action, conflict, etc.)

Last but certainly not the least...

Heist Society!
my review: 5 STARS!!!!!
The new installment by Ally Carter, about teenage con men and women.
 I LOVED IT!! It was another great move by Ally Carter and I have had an obsession with thieves and con men since White Collar and Leverage, dating back to the beginning of the Ocean's series movies (George Clooney!!)
I love this team as it has characters that compliment their strengths and weaknesses.
Angus and Hamish bring the funny and trigger happiness.
Simon brings the nerd (love him!!!)
Gabriel brings the "Wow"-factor to the team. She can be a thief and stiil look good doing it.

Hale cause he's great to stare at and is instrumental as to being Kat's right-hand man

and Kat because Kat just brings these 'outcasts'  together as well as the whole plan. (Imagine Oceans when they were teens.)

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  1. I love Heist Society too! I think Hale is hotter than Joe Solomon and Zach (from Gallagher Girls series) put together!! Seriously! I love your blog. You have nice, quick summarys and star ratings. :)


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