January 15, 2013

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

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Goodreads says: Nora Grey can't remember the past five months of her life. After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks - with no one knowing where she was or who she was with - she tried to get her life back on track. Go to school, hang out with her best friend, Vee, and dodge mom's creepy new boyfriend.

But there is this voice in the back of her head, an idea that she can almost reach out and touch. Visions of angel wings and unearthly creatures that have nothing to do with the life she knows.

And this unshakable feeling that a part of her is missing.

Then Nora crosses paths with a sexy stranger, whom she feels a mesmerizing connection to. He seems to hold all the answers...and her heart. Every minute she spends with him grows more and more intense until she realizes she could be falling in love. Again.
NOPE. I still detest the characters in this book. See, this book had potential. It really did, but then Crescendo happened, and apparently the IQ in everyone around this town was dropped to like -300 points or something because god only knows how anyone's survived up until this part. 

Nora has amnesia, and from that, she resumes her dangerous activities at night AKA sneaking around the fallen angels and creepy people that reside in her town that want to kill her. After her release from the hospital, she does what she normally does: get herself into potentially life-ending trouble/danger. I really wanted to see if the five months were erased would've at least made her smarter, or at least less eager to jump in the jaws of death. But sadly, it's as if her entire personality stayed save for memories. Now correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't amnesia make you lose both your personality/memories because you aren't the same person?  *shakes head*
Patch became.... tolerable. But I still wanted to ram him into the ground with a pair of knives. Again more cliched drama happens as do threats but at least Patch and Nora have shed their stupidity (somewhat) that helps them face their reality. Maybe the series is looking up for me, but I'm now determined to read Finale just to make sure this pain to my reading soul was worth it.
Do I Recommend It? From the library, yes. 

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