September 4, 2012


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Hey guys! It's your favorite blogger here after taking time off blogging. You're probably wondering "why the hell is she talking and why won't she give us her review" or not. I like to think I'm more important than I actually am, but whatever dudes because you love me and I you!!! (was that 

good grammar? My brain is fried...)

Anyways,  I reply "I don't need your sass". This summer I had to take summer school to get ahead in terms of school work. As well,I tried to read too, but I could only read so much when summer school was 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week for 7 weeks (gross right?) Not to mention, blogging is hard. Keeping you audience interested, while (basically) selling a book to them with pros and cons. I dreaded blogging and just wanted to say "you should read this because of reasons" (thanks Kristin, you got me :D) so now, I'm back, with detailed blog posts that shall be written in advance (obviously) and two new series hosted on my blog:

Geek Tuesday's: Confessions of a (teenage) girl
Which you all know about

Supernatural Thursday's
In which I show case myths from around the world, popular and unknown as well as talk about the creatures shown in TV/Pop culture

Like it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments please!

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