August 5, 2012

Writer: After Dark

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Hey guys! I don't know if you know this but uhm, it's Camp NaNoWriMo. Basically, writing a novel in the summer.  And I'm attempting my old fantasy tricks with a new premise. 

It' s basically about two things I love the most: superheroes and the Fae. I have a few critiquing partners currently reading an original writing so this Camp NaNoWriMo WIP (work-in-progress) is my second manuscript. I think that the best part of what I write is that I go all out fantastical. I ignore reality and make up a universe. There are superhuman creatures and powers that I write about. The landscape goes from luscious spoken about to the desolate edges of wastelands. I adore writing because I'm an escapist. I don't necessarily hate reality, but you know, prolonged exposure makes me miss fantasy. This WIP comes from watching The Dark Knight Rises (around two weeks ago) , in which I cried because the Batman trilogy was over. **

Batman is one of my favorite heroes because he's like actually "human" in the sense he doesn't have superpowers. He trained himself to be a badass and to hunt down the bad guys. He took the fall for the actions of Two-Face essentially making him a hated man in Gotham. He stood up for what he believed was right and I just loved that about him. He was effing honorable. (I may or may not have cried when the movie was over)

Another thing spurring me to do superheroes in a novel was basically Daredevil, X-Men First Class, and the Amazing Spiderman to name a few. They're all vigilantes trying to do good for their city/country where they are essentially viewed as people running around in tights (spiderman/daredevil). X-Men First Class especially was them beginning of mutant-human coexistence and that's basically relatable to know where media has more white people than ever (with POC along with queer characters and such) are yet to be explored with. That's why my superhero WIP right now has a MC of a boy (though he's white) and the three main hero girls as POC (one is black, another is latina and another is russian/british--(though she's not a POC as much as the other two))

The Avengers also plays into it where I use the whole "they're superheroes and everyone knows about them, but they should be monitored" and the Avengers Initiative. 

I have a lot of hopes for the superhero one where they essentially travel though batman territory "a hero they don't deserve but need" /spiderman territory "your friendly neighborhood spider"/ and X-Men territory "mutant* and proud".
I really hope I can stop procrastinating to write this thing...

* except mine are Fae.. so differences!

** I tend to cry a lot in superhero movies, so sue me. 

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