April 3, 2012

Confessions of a (Geek) Tuesday: Steampunkkkkk

On the iPod: Every Star, Every Planet- Murray Gold

Isn't it amazing?! Isn't it?

You guys, I haven't confessed in a whiiiiile. Might as well talk about my favorite thing EVER besides chocolate, Harry Potter, books, coffee, Beth Revis, t.v, movies, my blackberry, Dru Anderson.....

I should probably shut up right now.
Anyways, the tile implies I'm going to talk about steam punk which makes me excited. I'm quivering in my seat as I type this while receiving many odd looks.
Steam punk is a sub genre of Sci-fi, while in itself it's spawned many other sub-cultures (Cyber Punk, Nano Punk, Clock Punk, etc.) Now I can't explain all of them since I have just recently started steam punk so yanno, the Wikipedia link should explain it whereas I'd probably confuse us all and fail epically.
Steam-punk is a sub genre of Sci-Fi and usually set in the 1800s (better known as the Victorian era). The "steam" in Steam Punk is a reference to the steam that powered most of the machines in that time. Steam punk is just an amazing genre where your mind can really take off from the slightest suggestion. Also have you seen their fashion? It's pretty awesome.

I leave you a steampunk styled MLP as a goodbye.

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