August 8, 2011

I Think I've Died

On the iPod: Overdrawn by the White Sea

Dudes, I am so dead. Today I was stuck going to the dentist. Dentist on a MONDAY. I was pretty sure that my mom tried to kill me this morning. So while I was stuck going to the dentist, my lil' sister and brother bothered me. I almost killed them. So at the dentist, I had to wait for like 2 HOURS while the dentist treated other people. Naturally I was peeved and so was Ma, so just as we were about to leave and tell the dentists to make a new appointment The DENTIST CALLED ME. And then after that, they stuck instruments of death in my mouth and murdered my teeth senseless.

And you know the suckier part?

They kept TALKING to me. Like this:

Dentist: Alright, Jazmin, we need you to open your mouth. Really wide.

Me: muffled voice as the instruments of death were placed in my mouth

Dentist: So what do you watch for TV?

Me: Mehfffers clhfoafle asoejs, reehhh (Translation: I can't speak you idiot!)

Dentist: Come on, open wide. AH AH AH, don't close or we'll have to start all over.
Gets newbie assistant to help him (almost kills me SEVERAL times)

After that, half of my face was numb and couldn't eat properly. So, this Monday was pretty SUCKISH and P.S to the dentist: I WILL HURT YOU AND TALK TO YOU WHEN THERE ARE DEATH INSTRUMENTS IN YOUR MOUTH.

I'll be back in a bit for a much better review ABOUT books.

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