July 2, 2011

Summer Battles!!

Hey guys! Jaz here and I wanna fill you in on the best competition and tournaments that have been going on at other blogs (that I have luckily stumbled upon by Twitter. godsend.) So over at AmberinBlunderland, Amber is hosting a YA Bachelor competition where you pick the sweetest, the baddest, best fighter, sexiest (and more) boys or men in YA. Over at the YA Sisterhood blog, they're holding the first ever (!!!) Summer Crushing Tournament (where I, the fabulous blogger Jaz, am advocating for Archer Cross of Hex Hall. He WILL win) which will have contestants the bloggers chose to face off. The Winner shall be the Most Crushworthy of them all. Go check it out!
So besides those blogs which you should TOTALLY check out, I think that Wondeful

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