July 5, 2011

The Weekly Book Blog Bonanza!!

So this is the first ever Weekly Book Blog Bonanza hosted by Teen Fiction Centre!

This weeks Weekly Book Blog question:
Who is your favourite book character of all time and why?

I think that my favorite book character of all time would be a tie between Emerson Cole (Hourglass) and Cammie Morgan (Gallagher Girls). I think that they're my favorite characters because they have moxie, sass, and always put their family first. Cammie puts her family (which would be the Gallagher Girl as well as her mom) first when bad situations arise in Roseville. She had to give up her first boyfriend to protect the Gallagher Girl secret and then has to leave at the end of Gallagher Girls 4: Only the Good Spy Young to protect her family because of the threat the Circle of Cavan. Emerson, well, she always puts her brother Thomas and his wife Dru, first and always goes to them when she needs help. Especially near the last part of the middle, she talks to Thomas to tell him that she'll stand by to help Michael save his mentor. She put Michael's mentor above saving her own family and had me bawling. That's why they are both my favorite characters of all time.


  1. An interesting choice!

    Thanks for supporting the Weekly Book Blog Bonanza! Just one thing, you saved your link as "The Weekly Book Blog Bonanza" instead of the name of your blog!

  2. Never read them, but if it involves sass then I'd probably be a fan!

  3. I love sassy characters. Thanks for sharing!


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