July 14, 2011

Weekly Book Blog Bonanza (2)

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And here is this week's question:

"What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?"

Well If we can do *comic-books* in place of the book (because hey it's a book with pictures!) I'd say it would be the Batman comics turned into Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. They're super duper good (IMO) and Christian Bale does an absolutely bang-up job as haunted-by-the-murder-of-his-parents playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne/vigilante Batman. And, I do love me some awesome comic books. Also, tied for that it'd be the Harry Potter series, which will end tonight/tomorrow and it makes me very happy/sad/ and just plain freaked out. Anyways, sorry for the late post!


  1. I though Batman Begins was a great film, and the Dark Night was good too if a little dark.

    Thanks for participating in the Weekly Book Blog Bonanza!

  2. Love Batman, especially the last couple. I also loved LOTRs adapted to screen. And Harry Potter ;)


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