June 27, 2011

In Which Buffy is Part of the Book (PARTIALLY)

Second Read of The Day: Vesper

Let it be know: Jeff Sampson is the coolest person on my list right next to Joss Whedon (produced Dollhouse, Firefly, Angel and Buffy. If you haven't seen any of them GET OFF MY BLOG AND GO WATCH THEM). Mr.Sampson wrote Vesper and it was like watching a tv show play out before my eyes. The main protagonist, Emily Webb, is a geek and she's proud of it (is there a shirt called 'I'm a Geek and I'm Proud of it"? No?! Let's go make one). So one day Emily is murdered. NO, not our awesome-sauce protagonist, but Emily Cooke, miss Popular. She gets murdered and the whole school is like *sob* she will be missed *sob* and end and Miss Emily W. has no clue who she is until the school makes it known. Anyways, Emily W. goes unnoticed and unpopular and she likes it that way until she starts to have these changes. At night, she becomes fearless, wild and a thrill seeker but by day she's boring. Soon after a couple of those nighttime changes, Emily becomes *pretty* wild that she realizes that it's not her so either a: she's possessed by the spirit of Emily Cook or b: so seriously supernatural shizz is going down. I thought Vesper actually sucks you in and you become so captivated when the book ends, you wanna scream like a five year old because: YOU WANT THE SEQUEL NOW!!!! It's also chock-full of pop culture references, and wild nights in the city. I give Vesper a 10 OUT OF 10, it was just.that.cool.

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