May 15, 2011

Craziness lead to the FUNK

Hey blog readers! I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO (repeat 100X) Sorry I haven't been blogging more. School is coming down like there's no tomorrow and I got sick. Boo. Here's a list of reasons why I'm out of my funk and not blogging daily.

Reason's WHY I'm in a FUNK:

1) My older brother just moved out. Home life feels so whacked out now that he's not here to bask in my weirdliness.

2) My sister is about to leave for College and I'm slowly spiraling into madness as my two weird (and awesome) siblings are leaving me. NOO!!

3) my social life (read: NO JOKING ABOUT IT). Friends and some falling out. Went through a dark patch (which lasted about 5 hours) (to the said people: I have a hitlist that needs to be finished by senior graduation so....)

4) my HALF SISTER (who i had no IDEA about) is coming tomorrow. Read: major WHOA factor. Also, unknown uncle (just recently known about). MAJOR WHAMMY IN MY LIFE CAUSED THE FUNK.

5) School. Gah, no words can describe this circle of hell. Hell has NOTHING on Middle school (rabid teens, traveling in packs, smell for blood, yanno the works).

6) I got sick. Well technically, I got sick last Saturday 'till Monday. Then it came back Friday night (adding to the DARK PATCH), i felt like dying. In a hole. It was baaaaaad. Plus side, Vampire Diaries recording kept me company, as well as Doctor Who and Angel so sick weekend was fine.

7) While stalking Twitter, I found out that the cover for Clockwork Prince shall be unveiled May 25 at BOOK EXPO AMERICA but Mundie Moms will gladly show it on their site at 10:00 a.m. Sickness instantly better.

hint: a deal is struck and things end smack in the middle of rock and a hard place.

9) I GOT AN INTERVIEW WITH MYRA McENTIRE, NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE MY HAPPINESS WHEN SHE RESPONDED TO MY EMAIL. Plus. she's a fellow Doctor Who fan. SCORE :) so tomorrow, I'll be posting up the interview.

Later my peeps.
Jazmin :)

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