February 28, 2011

More Books!!!

Hola Mis Amigos, and warmly welcome the new books (clap clap clap clap)
Today it's (drum roll please) the Theatre Illuminata trilogy and Immortal Beloved Trilogy (3 is the new 6).

Eyes Like Stars:
Eyes Like Stars is part of the Théâtre Illuminata trilogy. The Theater Illuminata is a place where everyone has a role, from Hamlet to Peter Pan and chorus girls to the main character. Bertie however doesn't have a place in the Theater. She causes trouble and during an elaborate prank, a cannon goes off and Bertie is asked to leave. Determined to not get kicked out, she promises the Theater Manager that if she could reboot Hamlet to Egypt, get a full house and standing ovation, she can stay. Easier said than done, when you're Bertie. Enter Nate, a handsome pirate from Peter Pan. With his help, Bertie could get her play done, no? Think again as Ariel, a sweet-talking air spirit from the Tempest attempts (AHEM seduces) Bertie in order to leave the Theater. Add the four fairies from Midsummer's Night Dream, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mustardseed, and Moth (Peaseblossom being the only girl) you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

My Review; 5/5!!!!
Eyes Like Stars was soo good!!!!!!!! I (having a Goodreads account) saw that it was recieved poorly by some, and sought out to restore Eyes Like Stars good name and prove those Goodreads people wrong. I was blown away by Lisa Mantchev's ability to create such the Theater (myself being a Stage Manager!) so bright and imaginative as well as what madness occurs on and off the Theater(no comment). Bertie is a quick- witted teenager, though flawed would be my bestest friend ( she would).
Nate's soooo hot with his muscles and need to protect Bertie (OHMYGAWD, so sweet!!!) but not compared to Ariel, who's smoldering smexiness is enough for me to claim him for myself (he's mine!!!) as well as the fairies who made me LOL many times with their crude jokes and snarky comments as well as saying whatever (copying Nate's piracy and quoting Shakespeare randomly). I think Lisa Mantchev is the next god. Just saying.

sequel: Perchance to Dream
and the grand finale; So Silver Bright (set to come out on May 25, I think this is SO worth it, seeing as it's only 2 months away!!!)

Now let me go curl in a corner and finish Perchance to Dream.

Immortal Beloved:
Nastasya AKA Nasty is living the party girl life. For the past couple hundred years or so. Nasty has spent life living it like a party with the omnipresent hang-overs soon after. One day when her 'best friend' commits a crime (crippling a man by snapping his spine) Nasty is appalled with the life she's made by this. Flash backward a hundred years ago, a woman named River told Nasty to come to Rivers Edge if she ever needed a haven. The time has come when Nasty accepts the offer and goes to River's Edge where it's considered a 'rehab' for immortals. River's Edge is in the middle of nowhere and Nasty trades designed duds for flannel wear and to become 'zen' (that's how I got it). Then gorgeous, undeniably sexy Reyn (I swear I did NOT come up with that one) is somehow tied to her past.

My Review: 3/5
It was a really good book but the first 5 chapters or so were undeniably head banging because it was such a slow start (but i got through it, read it until 2 a.m and thought it was BAM, famazing). I recommend this one for anyone looking for a series about immortal beautiful people (HACK, cough cough, Nell....) and a dangerous love (ohlalala!) I don't think I have read a story involving immortals since I picked up the Eternal Ones (that's for another day though) and actually finished it in one sitting. Life's full of surprises, no?

peace out.

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Now peace, love, candy and books.

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