August 17, 2010

Let the awesomeness begin!

So just yesterday i went to the library to check out brand new books for my blog and i realized i had books on hold so i got them and i saw i had 8 books which told me i had too much free time that i always go to my public library's website.
Anyway among the stack was JEALOUSY by LILI ST.CROW
it's been qouted that Strange Angels is good it got this review
"Move over Buffy, here comes Dru."
(i think it goes like that :)

Also that its tagline: Love is a battlefield, are such true words to the series

Let me tell you its AMAZING! and if you have not read the Strange Angel Series well then get to it.

So picking up where Betrayals left off, Dru just got transported to the main Schola after the reformatory Schola has been burned down. Dru is very confused because Christophe isn't there with her, Graves is acting funny and to top it all of, the head of the Order, Anna, has it out for Dru.
Though it may contain some, or a lot , of bad language its still an amazing book and the Strange Angel series is not yet done because next spring DEFIANCE is coming out to leave you wanting more and to treat us check out the cover for Defiance! Just lovely! I'll be back tomorrow with some reviews for City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (also an amazing writer.)

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