February 14, 2013

14 Favorite 'Ships

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It's Valentine's Day! Grab that special someone, your favorite movie and some chocolates because it's all about the loveeeee today. Platonic or not, that's totally up to you and in honor of Valentine's Day today, I've decided why not make a post of my favorite ships ever? Because, as you all know, being a blogger entails you need something to fangirl over and I love my ships like no one's business! So, here today, I'm gonna showcase my favorite ships (queer and not/sometimes they're not even canon) from all the media; TV, books, and movies and history!

So without further adieu, enjoy!

14) Sydney and Adrian (Bloodlines series)

Syndey and Adrian? Yes please. These two kick off the list, as their relationship is literaly built off the fact that they mirror and contrast each other. Each have expectations people want them to live up to that barely scratch the surface on the depth these two have, as well as a layered relationship that's gone through ups and downs and cherry slushies. <3

13) Audrey and Nathan (Haven)
If anyone was watching my twitter at one point, you'll know occasionally I've been known to spam tweet about the cool syfy showed called Haven and the things it reduces me, but not limited to; screaming, caps lock, crying, and swearing. Also look at these fools and how they bask in true love because damn guys, I just - I CAN'T.

12) Kami and Jared (from Unspoken)

I order a cease and desist from these two. And with this out? I'm going to cry. Listen here guys, you wanna know how to make this list? Make me a Gothic heroine and invert the SHIZ out of it. Then, add a tortured hot boy who gets better with his Gothic heroine and you've got me like putty in your hands. Capiche?

11) Clark and Chloe (Smallville series)
These two were my brotp when they're OTP status was a no-go. So I settled with them as being detectives together. And IT WAS AWESOME. Also if you didn't watch Smallville, what the hell, you missed out! And one last also; Chloe's reaction and Clark's face is literally the entire show.

Chloe: *what the hell face is on* What the hell are we doing now?
Clark: Saving people, being noble, keeping my identity a secret, stopping supervillians; you know, the usual
Chloe: ...Uh huh....

10) Sappho and her unknown female lover...

Did you know that the island Sappho was exiled in (Lesbos) is the root of the word lesbian? And that Sappho herself was in love with a woman, and thereby scared the crap out of all patriarchies? Because she's pretty damn cool, not to mention, her poetry was among the first that put love (romantic love) as pretty important?

9) Joan and Sherlock (Elementary)
I love Lucy Liu's face and now I'm obsessed with Johnny Lee Miller's face. Also, Elementary is so damn funny and sweet and endearing and watching Joan and Sherlock be roommates/sober buddies makes me want to laugh hysterically and cry.

8)  Gigi and Lydia (LBD)
Unsure if the LBD would ever have a video with these too (hint hint LBD creators,writers, and producers) but they are beautiful, adorbs and would undoubtedly make the best of friends.

7) Donna and Ten (Doctor Who)
Donna and Ten are not even remotely romantic but they're the best of friends and are so freaking cool together. Plus, any girl who can help Ten not wallow over Rose for too long is a good friend. Donna and Ten are just awesome.

6)  Peter Parker and M.J Watson (Spiderman comics)
My main beef with the original trilogy of Superman movies was the fact that they TOTALLY butchered M.J's character to be sniveling and whiny if she doesn't get her way and it was a total bummer because the comics with her were totally different and had her sassy. Don't get me wrong, GwenxPeter is too adorbs, but the spirit of the characters were like oddly morphed than the comics depicted them as. But I digress, these two were the epitome of two different worlds colliding; beauty and the nerd.

5) Lizzie Bennet and William Darcy (Pride and Prejudice/current incarnation: LBD)

I admit, I'm a sucker for love-hate relationships, but really the best was always DarcyxLizzie for myself because I always thought "Oh Lizzie, he's just an awkward person, spare him pity!" but the LBD definitely did justice to these two as they come around and realize they make each other better. *sniffs*

4) Percy and Annabeth (Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series) by Rick Riordan

3) Perry and Aria (Under the Never Sky) by Veronica Rossi

So in an attempt of trying to be cool and not read what all the cool kids were reading, I caved and got the books a few days ago. I've honestly never felt so emotionally HURT by any ship (actually that might be a lie, but I can't remember this feeling elsewhere); But the Paria ship does that and it's freaking awesome. These guys also have this love-hate thing going on in the beginning, but it evolves into an allied relationship which then evolves into a mutual I'd-risk-going-to-hell-to-be-with-you kind of 'ship which warms the pits of this girl's jaded heart (loljk, sorry for the melodrama.) In conclusion, I hate these fools and Veronica Rossi for making me feel these things. But also, if you haven't read either of these books, you should definitely read them.

2) Steve and Peggy (Captain America universe)

The day  I can watch Captain America: The First Avenger without breaking out in tears by the halfway mark and full blown sobbing at the end will be the day these two get off this list. Today is NOT the day. But, seriously, Peggy's a revolutionary woman by fighting in the war and Steve is different than others as he says war isn't something to be proud of but bullies need to be stopped.

1)  Pepper and Tony (Iron Man universe)

THESE BUTTS MAKE ME WANT TO DIE. In related news, if Iron Man 3 goes the way I think it's going to go and what Tumblr has given me bread crumbs to believe, I'll be a pile of tears and feels for a week after.



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