January 4, 2011

Over Break....

Well now that we've all gotten over our embarassment on New Years Eve, time to get rolling. I made a pact/promise to get you guys more books than last year and you know what? I'm gonna kick it off with a magic/wicca/mystery book to show a new path that I'm going to do this year. You'll hear me rant how Borders just doesn't have enough books for me to read or how my parents keep judging me and tell me to stop reading books to me arguing with the voices in my head (they tell me to tell you to head over to the library and get books!! OH and candy!!! p.s preferrably red vines and hersheys!!). This series is called Blue is For Nightmares by Laurie Stolarz who also happened to write Deadly Little Lies (my ALL time FAVE book by her!!). Also if you do read these then look out for Black is for Beginnings, a continuation of the Blue is for Nightmares by Ms.Stolarz, which happens to be a graphic novel (SQUEALL!!!!!)

Blue is for Nightmares
main character, Stacey, is a junior at boarding school and it's not easy. She's kind of a plain girl, not very pretty, or smart, or popular. She's got a crush on her best friends boyfriends (which their relationship being very manic) and a darker secret which threatens her relationship with her friends.
She's having nightmares, like from three years, which was about a little girl who died because Stacey didn't believe them. She's learned her lesson and this time the nightmares are back, but about her best friend, Drea. They started off with weird emails and disturbing phone calls, now the stalker is leaving white lilies for Drea, death lilies that appear in Stacey's dreams. Everyone thinks it's a game until a girl at school is murdered. Everyone is a suspect and no one has a perfect alibi so Stacey turns to magic - taught to to her by her grandmother.
it's pretty good for a wicca/magical read. The action starts off from right the beginning. Gotta love it even though I don't normally read stuff like right off wicca but the tagline was pretty cool, I'm a fan of the really bad horror movies 'cause I end up laughing at the end...
"I Know Your Secret...."

White is for Magic
One year later, senior Stacey Brown is having nightmares about brutal murders, she's also been getting strange letters and cryptic messages. Enter Jacob, transfer student who also is like Stacey, with the whole deal; premonitions and shiz. He dreams that Stacey will be murdered so he transfered to save her.
Stacey's got feelings for him, which doesn't help with her current relationship? Can Jacob save Stacey?
It's fast-paced with a love twist that I am so glad is there because Stacey and current bf, Chad, make me wanna hurl with adorableness. Unlike the Rose-Dimitri-Adrian/removed from the love triangle/ thing which makes me smiles and giddy 'cause it's sweet yet they don't dote on each other. DARN IT CHAD, YOU'RE PERFECT AND IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!

Silver is for Secrets
School's over, couple Jacob/Stacey and her friends have rented a beach house for the summer, but all's not well with their vacation. Bickering couples add the stress that Stacey evaded with the stalkers and secrets during the trip. The nightmares then return with Stacey dreaming about Clara with a secret. AND then Jacob is also keeping secrets. What will the ending be for these bffs?
I dunno, as well fast paced but Clara just feels as if she's one of those text-book attention seekers (or better yet w....) also Drea and Chad, seriously? can they not have 2 freaking chapters in peace??! or what about PJ and Amber? They're like, I dunno, have such an unstable relationship with only PJ keeping it together. PJ, the crazy one, if you've read the other two books!!

Red is for Remembrance
Well that last cliffhanger just shocked me. Stacey's in college but she can't get over Jacob's death. College shows no mercy to her so Stacey uses cleansing spells to go on. Stacey gets close to Porsha, another person like Stacey who's dreaming of death - of a boy whose life is danger. To save him, they have to pool together her premonitions and Stacey's magic. It could maybe kill them.
Dudes, AWWW!!!!!!! it was so adorable but THIS cliffhanger sort-of ending just confuzzled me but made me happy 'cause --- shoot can't say! is back, so I can't wait to get my hands on that graphic novel!!



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