April 7, 2010

New Books

Well i hope everyone's had a pretty good night/afternoon.
here are some books i've read that are worthwhile mentioning.

Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel:
A story of a girl Zoe, who was murdered and her sister Echo who tries to move on with her life but she can't because of all the grief until she sees Zoe's boyfriend Marc who gives her Zoe's diary in an attempt to help Echo know more about the sister who left her suddenly and fill in the blanks of Zoe's mysterious life.

my opinion: awesome book! it's funny and sad and totally worth reading.

Double Helix by Nancy Werlin:
a novel of a teenage boy, Eli who gets a job at Wyatt Transgenics by the man himself Dr.Wyatt, the legendary molecular biologist. It seems to good to be true because it is. His girlfriend doesn't thinks it weird but his father is reacting weirdly telling him to drop the job. There's a connection between Eli's parents and Dr.Wyatt- but Eli's father won't say anything and something that has to do with his mother who has Huntington's Disease. As Eli continues to work with Dr.Wyatt he also continues to unravel information about his own self and question his identity.

my opinion: sweet! suspenseful and gripping. meant to be read during the middle of the night!

Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy:

a book about a girl Alice Tully and how she killed her best friend Michelle when she was 10 as Jennifer Jones and been released 6 months ago. The book follows Alice (now), Jennifer and the murder and Kate (when the press exposes her near the end). The 1st section has Alice, the 2nd section is JJ, and the last part of Alice Tully and Kate Rickman.

my opinion: go for it if you want thriller!

How I live now by Meg Rosoff

This is the story of Daisy and she gets sent to England by her dad and her evil stepmother Davina. So she gets sent to England and she meets her cousins Aunt Penn, Piper, Edmond, Isaac, and Osbert and their dogs Jet & Gin, she likes it better in England and all seems well until war breaks out and Daisy's life is broken as she struggles to keep it together when trying to find her cousins. It's really good because it's a girl's story of the war.

my opinion: it's really interesting and sweet and read it but don't cry! because at part they can really move you.

Keturah & Lord Death:

Keturah is a somewhat poor villager in the village of Tide-by-Rood when one day she's chasing a hart through the forest she gets lost so then Lord Death appears to her and says she must come with him because he's in love with her (EEWW!) and the plague will come to her village so she makes a deal with him and tells him a story but doesn't say the ending until he lets her go free and let her search for her "true love" he lets her go but only for 1 day then she has to come back and if she finds her true love she's free but if not she has to come with her. And the book goes like that with her telling a story and not saying the ending but the ending is.... wow.

my opinion: whoa, it was captivating and intriguing and fairly sad!

More to come my fellow readers...!!!!!!!

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